Episode 1 - He Knows You're Alone

This week, we’re starting off our Tom Hanks journey with his first ever feature film, He Knows You’re Alone (1980). This horror movie is all about a bride-to-be being stalked by a random guy named Ray who is out to kill anyone connected to weddings. There’s really no suspense here, but we are wondering when Tom shows up. An hour into the film, there he is. Tom plays Elliot, a guy who loves to trip women in the woods in order to ask them out on a date.

Joining me to talk about this movie are my friends, Riley Westling (Best Friend Fix) and Jeremy Culhane (American Vandal). It’s always so much fun when these two are around, so we have a great time talking about how annoying Marvin is and whether or not they would survive a horror movie together. You can check out the episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify now, and along with the journey, I’ve gathered these five bonus essentials you’ll need.

1. Get To Know Tom’s Character, Elliot


In He Knows You’re Alone, Tom plays Elliot, a psychology student who Nancy is crushing on. We only get two brief scenes with Tom in this movie, and honestly, it’s the only charm you’ll see the entire 94 minute runtime. According to IMDb’s facts on the movie, Tom’s character was supposed to be killed off with Nancy, but because he was so likable, they cut his death scene. Long live Tom Hanks! We’re glad to see him survive.

Tom Hanks Rating: 3 out of 5 Toms

Would have loved to see more Tom in the movie, but he did the best with what he was given.

Favorite Quote: “Want a Goober?”

2. Marvin Is The Worst?


The biggest takeaway from this movie for me is Marvin sucks. I know Ray is going around and killing innocent people, but Marvin is too much. Honestly, his idea of being cute is getting Amy a goldfish every single time he comes over to her house. No wonder she broke up with him. Her fish tank is too full. This guy doesn’t know when to end a bit. I’ve met a few guys like that in the comedy community in LA, and those are the one’s we actively avoid at all costs. Maybe, I just found Marvin so annoying, because he wasn’t Tom Hanks. Maybe.

3. You Can Watch The Movie Too

Unlike some of his more famous films, not a lot of people have seen He Knows You’re Alone. Luckily, we easily found it on YouTube, so if you want to join along in the fun, watch it now. Let me know what you think by tweeting @youvegothanks or following me on Instagram @youvegothanks.

4. Follow The Always Delightful, Riley & Jeremy


Riley and Jeremy were the perfect first guests for You’ve Got Hanks, because they have the same charm that Tom has. These two are great, and I loved Jeremy’s impression of Amy and Riley talking about Julie Andrews sliding down the stairs in The Princess Diaries 2. You can continue the fun by following Riley on Instagram and Twitter @RileyWestling and Jeremy on Instagram @jazzy__jelly and Twitter @JeremyCulhane. Also, check out Riley in the upcoming webseries, Best Friend Fix, and Jeremy in the second season of American Vandal on Netflix.

5. Would You Survive A Horror Movie?

On the podcast, Riley and Jeremy took a quiz to find out if they could survive a horror movie. Thankfully, they were able to outsmart the killer, but how would you do? I took the quiz on my own, and got the same answer as Riley and Jeremy — the jokester who keeps eluding death! You can take the quiz here. Let me know your results. Also, LBR (I just found out what that means) the best song to play at the end of your horror movie is Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).” No contest.