RACHEL CHAPMAN is a writer, actor, and comedian originally from Merritt Island, FL (where the Space Shuttle launched). She graduated from NYU for Film & Television in 2012. Show now lives in LA but would rather be living in Tom Hanks' heart.  

Rachel is a writer for Elite Daily and hosts the podcast Inside the Disney Vault on the Campfire Media network with Oscar Montoya and Clare Loughran. She also hosts The Telephone Show every second Sunday of the month at UCB. You can catch her performing with her Mess Hall team, Shimmy!, at UCB Franklin and the Inner Sanctum. She has a siberian can named Lady Tom Hanks that you can follow on Instagram @ladytomhanks_cat. She also has an annual pass to Disneyland, so please let her know when you would like to go.  


  • You can hear her voice in the animated series Twig & Ash as Twig
  • She has a cat named Lady Tom Hanks.
  • She was once on the Steve Harvey Show for a dating segment.




Inside The Disney Vault

Don’t worry — you don’t have to get it before it's gone, because we’re going Inside the Disney Vault. Your hosts Rachel Chapman, Clare Loughran and Oscar Montoya are venturing into the vault each week to watch, discuss, criticize, and celebrate every Disney animated movie in chronological order. Come along on this journey as they go back and revisit some classics, forgotten treasures and some movies that should probably remain locked away. The movie is about to start, so keep your arms and legs inside at all times and please stand clear of the closing door, because we’re going Inside The Disney Vault. Cover illustration by Daniel Cole. Theme music by Michael Chambers.

101 Dalmatians (1961) with Thorgy Thor

We are feeling in-credible as Thorgy Thor (@ThorgyThor) of RuPaul’s Drag Race joins us for a sinfully tickling chat about 101 Dalmatians. Barking mad Cruella De Vil, the smartest person in the world and literally indestructible human, seeks out her presumably(?) good friend(??)’s brand new puppies(!) FOR THEIR FUR(!!!). It’s not all princesses singing in the woods, y’all! We follow the sweet little baby dogs on an underground railroad style pilgrimage through months of sleet, suspiciously maternal cows, and (would-be) fatally violent antics. Thorgy finds his Disney doppelganger and we decide that the star of this movie is the insane Cruella, as we gag endlessly over her eleganza. What would you have your necklace say? Please subscribe and review us wherever you listen to podcasts! <3



Julia Meltzer (@drunkactress) joins us in the vault to discuss this magical, sparkly, well storied, and problematic film. We all know there are racial issues in PP (don’t worry, we get into them), but dive even DEEPER into the gender stuff. Tons to discuss here as Captain Hook’s got great fashion sense, Peter’s a dick, and A DOG is the nanny. Are you a Tinkerbell, Wendy, Mermaid, or a Tiger Lily? Give this episode a listen to learn your personality type! Subscribe, review, and share the Vault with your favorite disney fans! Love ya!

Oliver & Company (1988) with Sarah Chapman

Walt Disney World insider, Sarah Chapman, joins us to discuss how the 1980s turned itself into a gift and bestowed upon us Oliver & Company. This twist on Oliver Twist (as told by cats and dogs) oozes 80s goods, including jams by Huey Lewis, Barry Manilow, and Billy Joel! Not to mention Bette Midler as a show poodle in a show stopping number. That’s right, we’re getting into the musical game and it is coming on STRONG. This movie has a dog gang, a bafoonish caretaker, and MOBSTERS up to MOB BUSINESS, but ironically not much going on in the parks. Let us know what you think of Oliver & Company! Which kind of ride would you create? Which tattoo would you stick on yourself? What kind of tune could accompany BANGER “Why Should I Worry?” Tweet us @ITDVPodcast!


Hercules (1997) with Mark David Christenson

Mark David Christenson (@hobbit138) takes us zero to classic hero’s journey with Hercules. This films got it all: Action! Adventure! Romance! Conflated Greek mythology! We happen upon the similarities between Hercules and Superman as well as other superhero origin stories. Once again, Alan Menken’s music rocks and so does Meg, our sassy and independent female lead- not to be mistaken for an ingenue. She and Herc share an interesting connection that takes us all the way to the darkness of the underworld, as manipulated by the all powerful, yet quirky and light Hades. Hercules packs a ton of punch, rolled up great characters for an impressive adventure through heaven, earth, and hell! What do you think of Herc’s adventures? Tweet us @ITDVPodcast to let us know which song you’d like to see added to our Hercules musical.

Pocahontas (1995) With Curly Velasquez

We watch Pocahontas and run the hidden pine trails of the forest with Grandmother Willow himself, content creator Curly Velasquez (@CurlyVee)! We have a lot to discuss with this one including tradition, colonialism, entitlement, love at first sight, and how FIERCE Pocahontas is. Her sparkly wind feather aura enchants us all as we sing along to some truly flawless sequences and questionable historical accuracy. This truly badass princess (who’s criminally underrepresented in the parks) has a lot to teach us about nature and loyalty to one’s roots and own path. Jump in the canoe and marvel at the wonders all around us with us! Connect @ITDVPodcast to tell us if YOU prefer Kocoum or John Smith. Please also let us know what the heck a blue corn moon is.


Mulan (1998) with Lindsay Katai

Family, honor, spirits, ancestors, warriors, dragons, REFLECTION- we’re talkin’ Mulan (1998) with writer, podcaster, and Disney fan Lindsay Katai (@lindsaykatai), baby! Badass misfit, Mulan, finds herself wrapped up in a 12th night situation in the middle of a WAR. We fall for Mulan as she falls for Shang, but we wish we saw him fall back for Mulan, who really only wants to fall for her reflection once it shows who she is inside- it’s complicated. More IMPORTANTLY, Mulan and her ragtag entourage teach us that using your personal strengths is the key to finding yourself and SAVING CHINA! If you’re true to your heart, you too can save a dynasty to the accompaniment of sweet tunes! Tell us what you think of this girl worth fighting for @ITDVPodcast!



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