RACHEL CHAPMAN is a writer, actor, and comedian originally from Merritt Island, FL (where the Space Shuttle launched). She graduated from NYU for Film & Television in 2012. Show now lives in LA but would rather be living in Tom Hanks' heart.  

Rachel is a writer for Elite Daily and hosts the podcast Inside the Disney Vault on the Campfire Media network with Oscar Montoya and Clare Loughran. She also hosts The Telephone Show every second Sunday of the month at UCB. You can catch her performing with her Mess Hall team, Shimmy!, at UCB Franklin and the Inner Sanctum. She has a siberian can named Lady Tom Hanks that you can follow on Instagram @ladytomhanks_cat. She also has an annual pass to Disneyland, so please let her know when you would like to go.  


  • You can hear her voice in the animated series Twig & Ash as Twig
  • She has a cat named Lady Tom Hanks.
  • She was once on the Steve Harvey Show for a dating segment.




Inside The Disney Vault

Don’t worry! You don’t have to get it before it goes back inside the vault, because we’re going Inside the Disney Vault. Your hosts Rachel Chapman, Clare Loughran and Oscar Montoya are venturing inside the Disney Vault each week to watch, discuss, criticize, and celebrate every Disney animated movie in chronological order. Come along on this journey as we go back and revisit some classics, forgotten treasures and some movies that should probably remain locked away. The movie is about to start, so keep your arms and legs inside the vault at all times and please stand clear of the closing door, because we’re going Inside The Disney Vault. Cover illustration by Daniel Cole. Theme music by Michael Chambers.

Sleeping Beauty (1959) with Shalyah Evans

We’re graced with the presence of real life Disney Princess, Shalyah Evans (@ShalyahEvans), who joins us to chat all about Sleeping Beauty and other close personal friends she met working at Disneyland. The bumbling Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather and truly evil Maleficent escalate a garden spat into life or death for simple little Princess Aurora. We finally meet a prince with a personality and are only slightly creeped by his aggressive surprise woodland advances. Familiar forest creatures, a singing princess, evil prophecy, magic, fairy antics galore- Sleeping Beauty MAY be the quintessential Disney film. Or it MAY be a really great predecessor to The Golden Girls. Maybe BOTH!? Weigh in by following us @InsideTheDisneyVault on instagram @ITDVPodcast on twitter, and of course subscribe for all of our earth shattering #theories and juicy #hottakes <3


Julia Meltzer (@drunkactress) joins us in the vault to discuss this magical, sparkly, well storied, and problematic film. We all know there are racial issues in PP (don’t worry, we get into them), but dive even DEEPER into the gender stuff. Tons to discuss here as Captain Hook’s got great fashion sense, Peter’s a dick, and A DOG is the nanny. Are you a Tinkerbell, Wendy, Mermaid, or a Tiger Lily? Give this episode a listen to learn your personality type! Subscribe, review, and share the Vault with your favorite disney fans! Love ya!

Halloween Special 2017!

Things get spooky as the Three Mousketeers discuss all things Disney Halloween! We watch and rate four Disney animated Halloween shorts (The Skeleton Dance 1929, The Lonesome Ghosts 1937, Trick or Treat 1957, and Ghoul Friend 2013), one of which MAY have been the inspiration for Ghostbusters! Whoa!. We also chat about our favorite Disney Halloween features, but mostly gush over how much we love Disneyland at Halloween Time including 400 minutes on The Haunted Mansion alone. A ghost may follow you home after this episode! Please subscribe and rate on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to Pods! Happy Halloween! Love ya!



Rachel, Oscar, and Clare, AKA The Three Mouseketeers (that’s the first time anyone has ever referred to them as that, but maybe it will catch on!), look back on the films they’ve watched thus far, reflecting and ranking what they’ve seen. We get a tat-tat-tat-tat-tattoo time update from Oscar and hear about what the Three Mousketeers are looking forward to finding in the vault! Follow us @insidethedisneyvault and please review if you’re out there, even if only to tell us if this Three Mousketeer thing should catch on. Love ya!


We’re pleased and delighted to find Ashley Stauber (@ashleystauber) in the vault to discuss Lady and the Tramp! It’s Ashley’s favorite, as Jim Dear and Darling are based on her own life. We have tons of fun discovering the DRAG-ONS and DRAG-OFFS of this movie through puppy love, racial stereotypes (of both humans AND dogs this time! OH DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THOSE SIAMESE CATS), and some legit musical bangers. We marvel at the iconic scene of a DOG DATE that was almost cut from the film and Ashley lays down some hard truths that are buried in subtext about keeping Lady a lady. What a Bella Notte we had! Please subscribe and review on itunes to help us bring what’s inside The Vault out!



James Mastraieni (@Jmazz1111) trips out with us over a seven-year-old girl who falls down a rabbit hole and into a soul searching adventure into psychedelic experimentation. There’s so much WTF in this movie that we have a hard time making sense of the plot, let alone the absurd characters who suffer from head injuries and the far-out sequences that were written before their time. A complete 180 from the Princess brand, Alice serves up existential realness and takes us on an adventure that’s in a word, a dream. No, like an actual dream. It’s all made up in her wackadoodle 7-year-old head.



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