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Welcome to You've Got Hanks, the podcast about Tom Hanks hosted by Rachel Chapman. Each week, Rachel invites over some friends and fellow comedians to talk about one of Tom's movies as she's making her way through his films in chronological order. Catch an episode if you can on Apple Podcasts or wherever you do that thing you do. And please remember, there's no crying in baseball. Hanks for listening!


Mazes And Monsters(1982) With Patrick Ehlers & Mark Mitchell

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He Knows You're Alone (1980) with Riley Westling & Jeremy Culhane

Starting off our Tom Hanks' journey with his first-ever movie, He Knows You're Alone, with special guests Riley Westling (@rileywestling) and Jeremy Culhane (@jazzy__jelly). This horror movie is all about a bride-to-be being stalked by some random man who's out to kill anyone remotely related to getting married. It may have been a scary movie, but the scariest part was how long it took for us to get to Tom's scene. Although it was a small part, Tom makes the most of it as his charming self. We also talk about how annoying Marvin is, and find out if Riley and Jeremy would survive a horror movie. Do you think you could survive? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram @youvegothanks. 

Welcome To You've Got Hanks!

On this intro episode of You've Got Hanks, meet Rachel, the host of the podcast, who loves Tom Hanks just as much as you. Each week, Rachel and some friends will dive into one of Tom's great films to talk about all things Hanks. Don't forget to do 'That Thing You Do' by subscribing and 'Catch [You've Got Hanks] If You Can' each week. Hanks for listening!